Our therapists can help with sexual disorders like:

  • Lack of sexual desire 
  • Absence of orgasm
  • Premature ejaculations
  • Painful sexual exchange
  • Etc.

Where sexology, psychology and allopathic medicine ends Tantra begins.

Sexual energy can be used for other purposes than that of reproduction of the species, and just pleasure in itself.

There is a whole science in the proper use of this magical energy that is generated within each being. Tantra is perceived in China as TAO, where they used Tantra in the past to allow the then short life of the sovereigns to be prolonged for many years. Scientists have found, through extensive research, that the same energy that was lost in the sexual act, could be converted and used to improve their health, their mental and physical functions. The sexual energy is actually and unquestionably the most subtle and powerful energy that normally occurs and exists in the body.

Biological and auto-healing.

The most powerful hormones in the human body are in the sexual glands. Think for a moment - what are the sex hormones? ... ... It is clear, that the gonads sex have three layers. The first layer has cells that allow us to live, and these cells are active especially during the first seven years of childhood. Later, during the seven to fourteen years, the gonads come into the second phase of activity affecting the ovaries and testicals, which defines our sex.

Much later, during the fourteen to twenty-one year period, the body produces abundant sex cells. In the case of the male, for example: the espervitosoides occur in the testicals, which is conducted by the epididymis, throught the spermatic cord deposited into the seminal vesicles up to the prostate.

It is interesting to know that when these espervitosoides are going up through the spermatic cord, they are electrified, as evidenced by the Psicotrónica and Electrophysiology. They are carrying a large amount of electrical energy and travel up to the seminal vesicles in which they are purified to become sperm and which are already electrified and are more magnified. Here they are purified completely, become radioactive, electromagnetic, and are transformed into energy, especially when working with the key to Suprasexuality: "Connecting the male organ with the female body without ejaculating the" Ens Seminis' nor the woman get to orgasm. Then comes the energy to riseup cordons around nerve, called in the East Ida and Pingala, and then the cells are broken down into sex hormones. The same cocept and aproximation is done when there is to people doing sacred union no matter the gender, male to male, or female to female.

The sexual force and this hormonal process can rejuvenate by passing through the membranes, entering the bloodstream and stimulating, to activate the glands of internal secretion. This then helps them work with extraordinary intensity and then, continuing their upward course until reaching the brain, where they go to areas of the brain that no longer work and are degenerate.

Here they come to energize all the brain cells and put into action certain powers latent in man. Unfortunately, most people waste this energy, by ejaculating. In such circumstances, the brain degenerates significantly by the lack of supply of these hormones, and the ability to regenerate is lost.

This sex energy is one of the factors that involve "mitosis", which consists of cell division with the aim of gestation in humans or animals. The presence of the creative energy that makes the original cell divide in two, that the two be divided into four, four into eight, and so on. Thus forming tissues, organs and limbs, this is the process of gestation of the creatures within the womb.

If we take this to the field of Sexual Transmutation, sex hormones, active in the blood, laden with electricity and magnetism, occur in the adult human body, the processes of mitosis, "that is, new cell divisions, training new tissues, and so on. It's as well as from a biological point of view, is achieved by the complete regeneration or rejuvenation of the human body.

Sexual disfunctions.

The human body at the biological-sexual, psychological and psycho-sexually emotional level, comes to develop various kinds of symptoms that are not only a natural part of the degenerative process, but involve several factors. Where sexology, psychology and allopathic medicine ends Tantra begins.

1. Disorders of sexual desire or anafrodisia maybe be due to a low level of normal production of estrogen in women or testosterone in men. Other causes may be the age, fatigue, pregnancy, medication. Like psychiatric illness, depression and / or anxiety.
2. Sexual arousal disorder, previously known as "impotence" in men and "frigidity" in women, although far less critical terms are used: for example, in men, it is often referred to as erectile dysfunction. These disorders are manifested as aversion or avoidance of sexual contact with the partner. There may be reasons for these problems, including insufficient blood flow or lack of vaginal lubrication. Chronic diseases also contribute, as well as the nature of the relationship between the parties.
3. Orgasmic disorder, as the persistent delay or absence of orgasm, within a normal phase of sexual arousal. These disorders occur in men as in women. Again, the SSRI antidepressants are frequent culprits.
4. Sexual pain disorders, which affect almost exclusively women and are known as dyspareunia (painful sexual exchange), vaginismus (involuntary spasms of the muscles of the vaginal wall to deny or prevent intercourse), this can also occur to a man in his anal cavity.
5. Diverse. Anorgasmia, paraphiliacs, asexual, sexual aversion, sexual dissatisfaction and nymphomania (male and female). Sometimes are generated in a psycho-emotional level or an energetical unbalance in which a Tantra session can allow to help a person with somas like these.

The cost of therapies will depend on the same therapy that we can find for your problem, we make a general diagnosis through out a normal session, and then tell you if and how we can help. Sometimes it does not require a second visit, or if we can not help you we have an alliance with allopathic physicians, naturopaths, Ayurvedic Doctors, sexologists and psychologists.